Being injured can change your life and the lives of those around you. The path to recovery is often long, difficult and expensive. Currently, in BC, everyone, and every incident is treated and assessed uniquely.

However, ICBC and the provincial government want to change that and restrict the rights of drivers, passengers, cyclists and pedestrians in BC by introducing injury caps. This will reduce our ability to be treated as individuals, and to seek out help when navigating the daunting process of an injury claim.

Stand with us to ensure our rights don’t get capped!


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See how an injury caps system will affect road users in BC.

Kim's Story

Meet Kim: In 2008, Kim was rear-ended on the road. Watch her story and find out why she’s against caps.

Casandra's Story

Meet Casandra: In 2009, Casandra was injured in an accident. Watch her story and find out why she’s against caps.

What is a cap?

Injury cap, cap, soft tissue, no-fault – you may have recently heard these terms, but what do they really mean?

In short, they mean a “one-size-fits-all” approach to recovery for those who become injured on the road.

  1. Injury caps mean good drivers pay for bad drivers.  Injury caps mean all British Columbians will pay to subsidize bad drivers and insurers.
  2. Injury caps deny access to justice because only the wealthy can afford to challenge the caps. Injury caps unfairly harm the poor, the elderly, the retired, immigrant communities and BC’s working class.
  3. Injury caps systems take longer, cost more, and policyholders get less to aid in their full recovery

Across Canada, injury caps have not reduced insurance rates in provinces that have adopted them.

Alberta has introduced caps, yet its base rate has continued to increase 7-8% annually. Ontario remains far more expensive than any other Canadian jurisdiction despite their caps system.  AB, NB and NS rates are moderately less on average than BC but they provide significantly less coverage.

I'm quite sure my husband and myself, and my two children would have been completely destitute.

Casandra – Involved in an accident in 2009

Help us protect the rights of road users in B.C.

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About R.O.A.D. BC

R.O.A.D. BC is a coalition of British Columbians who are committed to protecting the rights of anyone who becomes injured on our roads. We are made up of individuals and associations all across British Columbia who believe the best way to reduce accidents and protect victims is through established, inalienable rights – not arbitrary decisions that turn real people into a statistic.